Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just a word or two today.

I went to dinner with Lisa last night. The entire dinner she was moaning about how she wants out of her engagement. I suspect there is another man involved but she won't tell me about that yet. I wish it was me but I can't see it. Still it was an enjoyable evening. I will probably text more about that when I have a better perspective, which will happen over time.
Today my new television came. It was sad to see the old one go out the door but after a few hours of high def I'm over it. At least I get to see one Jet game on a good picture. Meanwhile the cable box in the bedroom seems to be on the fritz. Always gotta be something.
Still no real NYE plan. I sent an email to Carolyn and her reply was short so I'm not really expecting any real plans to be made unless it's the last minute. With a new TV I could just stay in and be just as happy.
That's it for today. Tomorrow I should have more to say.

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