Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Same Old Stuff

I just looking at my Checking Acct. balance and it shows all of 0.16. Yes 16 cents. There is probably more money in the "take a penny, leave a penny" plate in 7-11. Payday is Thursday and I have 8 envelopes for bills ready to mail. 3 are due be Friday and the rest are due by around the end of the month. But I think I can pay them all out of my next paycheck. Then I wait for my big check from my 401k loan. I need that to go Christmas shopping so it better get here soon. Maybe Friday or maybe Monday.
Then I can move off of my money woes and start to live like a normal person. Not that I'll start throwing my money around. But it would be nice to go out to dinner and not sweat the last days before payday. But enough of this boring crap.
Thursday I am working from home and then I am off on Friday. This is so that I can take Carolyn to see a Christmas concert in NYC on Thursday night. I'm kind of off the romance thing with her right now so I'm not as excited about going as you might expect. She plans on working on Friday. There won't be any late night extra curricular activity. I'm curious to see if she can actually have a good time as she has been really depressing lately.
I really want to see Lisa. We had a plan for Wednesday but I have this odd feeling she was put off from me being with Carolyn on Saturday. If she is I'm going to probably need to leave her out of my life for a while. She is still engaged although she keeps saying she is looking around. While my mind sees this as some kind of opportunity I think the reality is whatever her next direction is it would be better for me to stay away.
Last Sunday I was watching football in the bar and while I was there one of the bartenders (I refuse to call them "barmaids") hinted about how she could tell me stuff about Carolyn. Obviously there was talk after I'd left on Friday. I told her to let it go. I already know about what it was. Michelle is not really one who should throw stones.
It's only Tuesday. Still the beginning of the week. Always quiet. Probably not a bad thing but I which I had something better to write about. It is what it is. S-O-S.

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