Monday, December 12, 2011


The weekend is over and the only good thing I have to show for it was the 2 hour workout I had at the gym yesterday morning. I saw a lot of Carolyn which is both a good thing and a bad. As I spend more time with her she grows tiresome. I was glad to not see her on Sunday while I watched football. Football, ugh. I need to talk about that.
My world the last week or so revolved around the fact that I have what I hoped would be a winner in Fantasy Football. Well, I got smoked yesterday ending my season. I won some money but I had my eye on the big prize. At least my favorite team The J-E-T-S won in a laugher. Sorry, Josie but we are coming for the Pats again in January. Do you hear the footsteps? That's enough talking smack from me.
On Friday night I left work and I had no plans so I went to the bar just to get out. Carolyn called me and she came in to meet for a drink before we decided to go out for dinner. She has never done that so it was nice to have someone come to me for a change. While there she noticed her elderly next door neighbors were there. These are people she does not get along with at all. Turns out they are Lynnie's parents. Lynnie is the main bartender. So one drink and we were gone. It figures that the people Carolyn bitches to me about are connected to me in a different way. That's a hornet's nest I'm not going to shake.
Friday night came and went and on Saturday Carolyn and I went shopping for a Christmas tree together. It was for her because as a single person I don't really do the whole decked out for Christmas thing.
While we were doing that I received a call from Lisa. She wanted to meet for lunch. Why is it she's never called me all the Saturday's I've been doing nothing and now I'm with Carolyn she's asking me to go places? When I told Carolyn she was saying I should go. What's with that? I was planning my day to be with Carolyn. I'm convinced none of these women are that into me at all.
So I blew off Lisa, sort of. I wanted to see her Sunday and she blew me off, but that's a post for another day.

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Josie said...

Jets have been doing well of late, and made me some points yesterday BUT do not kid yourself...the Pats will kick their butts AGAIN. :)