Friday, December 9, 2011

Not a lot today.

I took Lisa out for dinner last night. We went to a new place that we've never been to before. I love how she enjoys a good meal. We talked about all the crappiness that is going on. She is down on her boyfriend, down on her family, down on Christmas and yet she is still fun to be with. I'm glad she said yes to dinner even if we can't be more than friends.
In the last week I've had dinner with Carolyn that included an overnight, had dinner with Janet and dinner with Lisa. I guess from some outsider point of view I'm doing pretty well. So for today I won't complain about a lack of affection.


Josie said...

you little tramp! ;)

Mikeg5162000 said...

Everyone loved me at dinner but who is making me breakfast is what is important.