Friday, November 25, 2011

Lost Cat on Thanksgiving

I had quite a rollercoaster ride for my Thanksgiving. Things started to go very bad at work on Wednesday. I had expected an easy quiet day. But then I got involved with a production support issue that forced me to work late. And I had planned to leave early. Oh, well. I've always looked these things as part of the job.
So I had a tentative plan to see Carolyn and since I got home so late I wasn't sure what to expect. But I got home fed my cat Tigger and as part of his usual routine I let him outside and figured he would be back inside in 20 minutes and then I would go. After 20 minutes I went outside to find him and he was no where to be found. This is not that unusual and I figured he would just take his sweet time coming home. It was a little cold so I figured he would be home within an hour tops. Well, long story short he did not come home at all. As I grew more concerned I wouldn't leave. So Carolyn agreed to come to me and cook dinner at my house. So we ate and waited. I kept going outside and looking for him. I was feeling like something really bad had happened.
I went to bed with him still not home. I had a restless night and got up several times to see if he was at the door. When I needed to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving dinner I was almost not going to go. But I just couldn't sit at home any more. I returned home several time to check and by the time I was done for the day I decided to create a "LOST CAT" poster to circulate. By this time I had pretty much convinced myself he was gone for good. I spent more than an hour working on it and before going to be I put one up on my front door figuring if someone had seen him they might knock on my door.
I taped it up and then stood on the sidewalk to see if the print was big enough. As I was out near the street I suddenly heard a cat noise. I listened and didn't hear anything for about 30 seconds. Then I heard it again. It sounded a bit muffled and I thought he was inside another persons house. I crossed the street and called his name. He called back and that was when I realized he was locked inside a parking lot just across the main road. It's a car dealership lot full of brand new Range Rovers. The fence has barbed wire so I was not anxious to go over it. As I kept calling him I could hear him coming closer bit I couldn't see him through the vinyl fence. I kept calling his name and moving along the fence looking for an opening. Sure enough I found a spot in the fence wide enough for Tigger to fit through. I still hadn't seen him so I was even sure if it was him until I saw him poke his head through the hole. What a relief to finally have him again. I don't mind telling you I got a little emotional when I got him home.

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Josie said...

Glad to hear tigger is back.