Friday, November 11, 2011

BINARY DAY 11-11-11

Finally Friday. Not sure what I'm rejoicing for. Not expecting much of a weekend. I have a hard time getting to sleep last night. I made the mistake of having a glass of soda after 9 PM and I'm sure the caffeine was what did it. Then I got up late this morning and now I'm starting my day about 45 minutes later than usual.
I have been finding myself really annoyed at work this week. I'm thinking the managers have no idea where they are taking us as an organization. The Director was hired because he was supposed to be an Electronic Data expert but all he has done for the last month is micro manage us to a point that no one knows what he wants. And now he has mandated that we create all new partner profiles but has not solid reason for it. It's insane and I'm having trouble keeping my mouth shut which I know will cost me. I'm working on that.
I called Carolyn last night and had a somewhat uncomfortable conversation. She told me a little about her adverturous work week. Apparently her boss - the owner of the company - has been having a fling with a woman he met in Florida and while he is not married he does have a committed relationship so he has to sneak around. Carolyn gave all the sorted details about that. I found it diffecult to pay attention. I can't explain it but it's such a struggle talking to her. I seem to run out of things to say within a minute or two and it always feels like I abruptly end the conversation. I couldn't make plans although when I made a suggestion or two Carolyn was just not committing to anything. Not even a maybe. But not a "no I'm busy" either. When I hung up with her I said I would call her after work today but for the life of me I can't think of why. i think i just wanted to get off the phone. This is not good. I wonder if i can talk about this.
So there is no plan tonight. I'm not financially able to do much of anything. If Carolyn agrees to just relax near home I'll see her otherwise it will be just me and the cat this weekend. I need to move things around in storage so I'll be plenty busy.
One more day closer to money. PAYDAY IS 5 DAYS AWAY.


Josie said...

Whaddaya mean theres nothing to do this weekend? How bout that little thing called FOOTBALL. I love Sundays in November!

Last I heard you were in first place in your fantasy football league....hope you still are!

Only 5 days away...

Mikeg5162000 said...

Yes, Josie. Football on Sunday is a given. Jets-Pats on Sunday night. Yes, my fantasy team has been a great diversion. First Place! I hesitate to mention it and risk the wheels coming off the cart. Only had Matthews in play last night and he didn't get a TD but at least her did get me some YD points. During the day I'll be routing against the Cowboys.

Josie said...

Who are your QB's? I assume you have 2.

you can bet i'll be watching the pats/jets game, but I'm scared. Jets are dangerous and Tom Terrific has lost two in a row! :(

Mikeg5162000 said...

I have M. Stafford(DET) and for my bye I used M.Moore(MIA). It worked out well as he had 3 TD passes that day. My RBs are A.Foster(HOU)and R.Matthews(SD). WR are M.Austin(DAL), and J.Maclin(PHI) with Avent(PHI), Robinson(DAL), and Moore(NO). I've been lucky as when Foster was hurt Matthews, Austin and Maclin all scored big. Now Foster is up while they are down. And Stafford just gets good numbers every week.