Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Updating my life

So much going on I am having difficulty finding time to update. Today I just want to add some things I haven't mentioned lately.

Last Friday morning before leaving for work I got a call from Lisa. It was about her cat Edmund. He had died in his sleep sometime during the night. He was pretty old and had all kinds of ailments but he was a very active and attentive cat even the day before. So it was a tremendous shock for Lisa. She has been going through the grieving process. I often took care of Edmund and her other cat Othello whenever Lisa would go away. He really was a good guy. He used to lay on the top of Lisa's futon and when I would sit down he would rub the top of my head. I'm going to really miss those scalp massages.

So we have been having daily conversations as Lisa knows I went through the same thing last summer when I lost my cat Sylvester. Lisa still has Othello but their personalities are so different that she is really missing seeing Edmund when she walks in the door. Lisa wants to do something special for him so I think she wants to get his ashes and have a eulogy.

It's been a few days since I spoke to the ex-wife. I'm still very worried about her but need to keep some distance. I just have this feeling she would like it if I became more involved with her. That would be bad in so many ways. What would be a good number of days between contact? I'm thinking once a month. Maybe I need to keep a record. But that would be so twisted.

My dad's situation has improved dramatically. All his results for tests he had last month came back with good news. His liver has almost no cancer spots when before they thought there was more than 300. Now it down to less than 10. He is breathing better. Hasn't been using oxygen at all. His condition is so good that they may take a shot at radiation therapy on the growth in his colon/rectum that started this whole thing. There is a strong possibility for him to be cancer free. Seems like every time my dad sees death he stares it down and comes out stronger than before. He really is amazing. I think I own the man upstairs one for this.

I've been spending the last 2 days gettingthe mailing done for the boating organization. What a pain in the butt. We are having a Saturday afternoon mixer in the parking lot on Saturday. I wish I had my camera because I'd love to take some pictures. Maybe I can borrow one.  

I've been laying low as far as my friends go. I never seem to lose the urge to call people but I need to stop obsessing a little be become more focussed on all my friends.  I just made a plan for next Wednesday with some friends from work. So at least I haven't totally lost it.

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