Monday, June 16, 2008

More about my day

After work there was a huge thunderstorm headed this way so i figured I could go to the boat and make sure it was sealed up and secure. So I jumped into the car and got to the boat in 20 minutes. I just steped on and stepped off. Everything looked okay. I won't be back until Thursday so it was good to just check it.

Since I was already nearby I cruised on up to Gates and saw Coleen. I was hoping to see her. I just wanted to re-establish that we are fine and I want to lose that uneasy feeling I had last week. We talked briefly about who is saying what and how we can just ignore it. She was only there about 20 minutes but it was good to make contact again without all the drama. The last thing she said before she headed out the door was she was going to a concert on Thursday and would not be able to join us at the dock. She was going with Mark and her brother and his girlfriend. I knew about the concert. I wonder if Mark will bail out for it. Just a thought.

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