Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The "Talk"

Coleen called me back this morning. I immediately asked what was with the text message that said "we need to talk". She said she had a conversation with Jami where Jami told her I may become a problem for her to deal with. So she wanted to talk to me to reinforce the idea that we are friends. She said that our friends are talking about us. My reaction was to say I know we are just friends and she has given me no reason to think otherwise. I guess that is partially true. I added that I had been getting those kind of questions for a couple of months now. I said it started with Roberta asking me "what's up with you and Coleen?" I just said that I can't help what people say.  But I feel like I would love to ask her if maybe there isn't a little more to it than that. Perhaps that will be something we can discuss but I can't really expect that. I do feel I need to focus my energy somewhere else.

Lucky for me I was with Lisa when I got this message. So I was able to talk about it with Lisa both before I spoke to Coleen and after. Lisa didn't really seem to have much advice except that she knows the Jami may be feeling a little rejected.

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