Sunday, June 22, 2008


I enjoyed dinner at the Bridge Marina Restaurant on Saturday night. That's Chris, Judy, Janet, Roberta and me. It was a beautiful night to be eating outdoors. This is the restaurant that Michelle works at. She saved us a table. She was so busy but she did  stop and pose for one picture.

So that was dinner. But my day really started much earlier than that. In the morning I wanted to get to the boat and do a little maintence. But before I could start that I sent a little text message to Coleen. She said she was planning on going to the beach and if I were interested in going she would come pick me up. So I forgot about doing the stuff on the boat and hopped into her car and headed down to the beach... a five munite ride. First thing I wanted to know was how Coleen's concert on Thursday night was. She would be seeing her ex-husband there and was taking her boyfriend. She said it was great but not much more than that. I just left it at that.

So we went down to the beach and met all the other friends we share. It felt oddly nice to arrive with her. We were there for 2 hours and left at about 3:30. We made a stop and I met both her parents. Her mom doesn't really say much but her dad is nice. We sat out back and had a beer. It felt very normal. I wonder how many times Mark - the boyfriend - does that.

I needed to get back to the boat to change for dinner so we couldn't stay there too long. Coleen was considering coming with us but she couldn't reach Mark so I figured they would end up doing something else. So that was all the time I spent with her.

After than there was lobster dinner where we also celebrated Janet's birthday. It was a fun time. It's so much fun having my camera again

This is a really good picture of Chris.

Here is everyone on the street.


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