Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A normal quiet day

My busted compass is fixed to the tune of $142. Easy come easy go. Maybe I'll go pick it up tonight. Then I can stop by and say hello to Lisa.

It's so strange how I feel about her now. For so long I felt like I loved her and I guess I did. But now that memory is so far in the past I can't picture her sexually any more. The idea of getting close to anyone right now is almost non-reality. And yet right now I feel my libido kicking in more than it has in a year.

It was so in my head that I may find myself in lust for Coleen and I had myself convince she could have returned those feelings. But it's been so many months now of talking to her and nothing has really come of it I think it has to be time to move on. It would be easy if there were any other prospects but I had been so focused on one thing now there aren't any other real alternatives apparent to me.

Saturday there will be a dinner at an outdoor restaurant on the water to celebrate Janet's birthday. I can look forward to that. Why is it that it's always food that makes me feel better?

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