Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"We need to talk".

"We need to talk". That was the text message I got this evening from Coleen. At the time I was sitting outside having a glass of wine with Lisa. I went there because I just felt she needed company since she just had her cat Edmund die last weekend.So I replied to her that I was out and we could talk later. Now it's almost midnight and I have no idea what to make of the message. I sent a text message back after I left Lisa at 10 p.m. as yet I got no response.

So what could she want? I can't see anything good from a message like that. Lisa wanted to think of something positive be even she sees it as something is up. I see 2 scenarios that may be in lay. One I can handle and one I don't know I can deal with. Perhaps someone in our circle may have said something about how I really feel. I can deal with that easy enough.

The other possibility is that somehow someone she knows has found this.This is my honesty room. I say things here no one who knows me should ever see. How do I defend myself against my own honesty?

Well - stay tuned. I guess I'll know what is going on by this time tomorrow

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