Friday, June 13, 2008

Idle thoughts

Moods - so many choices and I still can't pick one.

Boat night was a bust. No one could come. Of course it was partially my fault. Roberta is away so no surprise there. Coleen I just can't bring myself to call right now. And Janet said since I never really mentioned anything she just made other plans. Not one person reached out to me. I have to wonder if this is the fallout from Jami telling Coleen to watch out for me. Because now it feels like everyone is watching out for me.

I should have reached out to Janet at some point but I have this urge to vent about the whole situation and I rather not have anyone know that I am this affected. I really feel sad because I was looking forward to each day with an optimism I hadn't had in a long time. That's all gone now. I want to be mad at Jami but all she really did was give me a dose of reality. Still, I wish she had minded her own business.   

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