Friday, June 20, 2008


My Thursday boat night was just me and Janet at the dock enjoying a cool, quiet evening of wine, cheese and crackers. I got this odd sensation that she is looking at me differently. We've been friends for so long I just look at us as being only that. The way I feel now I don't think I can just change gears and suddenly see Janet in a new light. I mean, she is very attractive, but I look at her like I would if she were my sister.

I also confessed to her about the drama from last week when Coleen needed to set me straight about our only being friends. I told her how attracted I was to Coleen, but as long as she is in her relationship with Mark I will only look upon her as a friend. I also mentioned how I felt that Jami was meddling a little bit because now I feel like I need to maintain some distance from Coleen. Janet actually had some incite about whatever conversation Coleen and Jami had. It was more like Jami telling Coleen that she may be leading me on and she should look at what she is doing.

So now I rarely hear from Coleen. It makes me a little sad but I guess Jami's words had the effect. I did go to the bar on Monday and saw Coleen briefly. It was good to just clear up where we were. The last thing she said was we could talk on the telephone later in the week, which we haven't done. Last night was a big night for her so I am curious to know how it went. She was to go see a concert with Mark where he ex-husband would be working. She said she hadn't seen him in over 2 years. I got the feeling she wanted to show her ex how well she's doing with her new boyfriend. I didn't think Mark shared her enthusiasm for the meeting that she did.  I really want to know but I'm not going to ask.

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