Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bonus entry

My cable is out. My landlord failed to pay the bill so I don't have TV. So I am sitting outside enjoying the warm summer night with my cat and my laptop.

I spent the better part of the morning helping Lisa take her poor Edmund to the pet crematorium. Edmund was her 16 year old cat and she is pretty broken up about his death. It was very hard to see him all still and lifeless before they took him away and she got back his ashes about 2 hours later. It was a very emotional morning.

I'm still trying to process the talk I had with Coleen this morning. I can't say now if she has bee affected by whatever Jami said to her. Obviously the girls have been talking. I want to be able to just shrug it off and go on as if nothing has been said but how do I do that? I mean I don't even know what Jami said, just that Coleen needed to tell me about it. I can't really accuse Jami of anything because I haven't really been able to hide my feelings very well.

So tomorrow is boat night and I'm not even sure if I want to really have anything. My goal is to say nothing unless someone else brings it up. I know I am obsessed with Coleen but I can't have anyone else know. I haven't done anything but be a friend to everyone in my circle. So I refuse to act guilty. If someone asks me a question I will answer it truthfully.

Lisa told me that she has nothing to do this weekend so we can enjoy a day on the boat on Saturday. That should be fun. I'm not really planning anything but the weather forecast is goodso at the very least it can be a good day.

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