Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday blues

I'll probably be updating a lot this week since there really isn't much going on. It always seems like the more I've got going on the less I can make updates. I'm looking at next weekend where half my friends will be away. I won't get paid until next Monday, which will be the third weekend in the same pay period. And I put a bunch of bills in the mail so I'm pretty sure by the weekend I'll be down to my last dime. So that doesn't give me much to look forward to.

The only one who I spoke to yesterday was Lisa. I asked her if she and Carmine were engaged, since I'd heard a rumor that she was. She said that was news to her. Maybe Carmine is planning it though. Small towns are hard to keep secrets in.

I have been getting these odd sensations lately that some how my love life is about to change. Of course I'd had that before and nothing much has happened. Still ... Lisa reminded me of the deadline for Coleen and Mark is approaching. Coleen has said that she wants to have something more substancial from Mark by July 4th. They will have been together for 2 years by then and she figures she should be married or engaged by now. But I have a feeling that it will come and go and if nothing changes she will still be with Mark. The only thing that makes me still hang on is the fact that she seems so unhappy with him. I don't know if I could make her happy but I'd sure love the chance.

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dontyouwant2no said...

That picture you have of Chris looks like Curnal O Neil from Stargate SG1 lol