Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just got my hair cut. Took the last $20 I have until Monday. So it's going to be a quiet weekend. I have less than $5 in my pocket. I really didn't have any plans anyway. Janet and Roberta are away. It is Jami's birthday on Friday but I'm afraid I am going to miss that. I was looking forward to seeing Coleen at happy hour on Friday but maybe I'm better off missing that this week. I'm sure her plans only include her boyfriend.

My Thursday night on the boat looks to be rained out which I'm fine with since no one really said they planned to go anyway. So as of now my life looks to be sitting at home. It's good to have a weekend away from things. Maybe I can take this time and get my home in order. I'll still be able to get out ot the boat or the beach on Saturday so I won't be completely housebound. But my adventures will definately be limited.

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