Saturday, June 21, 2008

good morning world

Last evening I met all the usual suspects down at the bar. Everyone but Coleen. No one has heard from her all week. So no one knows how her evening was on Thursday. She was planning to go to a concert where she was to have her boyfriend meet her ex-husband. It was a brief topic of discussion. So she was a no-show. I guess I will find out eventually.

Janet was done a little early. In fact, I drove her home in her car while Roberta followed. After I got Janet home Roberta and I went to the Tiki Bar for a nightcap. That was when we got into a real discussion about what is really going on and what to expect. I told her about how the whole process went down beginning with the text message that I got where Coleen said we needed to talk. Before that Jami had gotten into Coleen's head about what she saw in me. Roberta thinks Jami has jealousy issues and I also think that is true. My feelings are there is no real future for me with Coleen even though Roberta thinks different. She says that Coleen has asked repeatedly about what my status is with Lisa. But my feeling is that if something were going to happen it would have happened by now. So I've been letting it go.

I also discussed with Roberta what I see in Janet. How she seems to be opening up about wants to be closer to someone. Sometimes I think she is referring to me although I really don't think that.

So we had a real long talk at the Tiki bar. Ended at about 11 and then I went home. I'm spend today doing work on the boat and then we plan to go out for dinner to celebrate Janet's birthday. I plan to take pictures so be prepared for that in my next entry.

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