Thursday, October 28, 2010


I took yesterday off from the blog world. No mike-isms for one day. It was easy since absolutely nothing happened. Just work and home. Spent last evening with Janet and Roberta trying on the Halloween costumes we want to wear for the weekend. We sat and talked for a little while. One of the subjects was about the girl I took to dinner while I was in Florida. They was mostly curious to know when I might see her again or call. But I'm really not that interested. They got all the info about me but somehow I never thought to ask them about what their last date was ... since they never talk about it. Why is my life such an open book and I never get anybody else's stuff. Roberta and Janet were both talking about how they are only interested in younger men but they think they shouldn't be considered "cougars". Which made me sad on several levels. Sad for them because they will never find someone who really loves them. Sad for me because what's left for me if all the women are like this. We also talked about how I can't look at meeting anyone as long as I go out with these women.

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