Monday, October 4, 2010

Change of pace

I wish I had a new story with a great ending but my life just never seems to go that way. I am trying though. Yesterday was all about the Sea Cliff Mini Mart. I did the usual walk through the whole event seeing some people I know and some people who knew me who I didn't remember. It's always that way.

I wanted to try to do something different so I spent most of the day trying to talk to different people. I tagged my friend Chris to be my wing man. I was supposed to go to dinner with Roberta and Janet but I had to tell them to go without me so I could continue to chase any women who would talk to me.

So I got myself invited to my friend Nancy's house for a little after party. Nothing really happened except we played darts and I drank too much. At least I didn't drive. It was Nancy, her friend Karen, and 2 other guys they knew that were younger than me. There were points where I felt like the fifth wheel. But I'm putting a bad spin on it. That's Karen in the picture. Somehow I never got Nancy in a picture.

I was just trying to change my dynamic. In my mind any change is a positive especially if my circle of friends see that I have other options. This is a road I've been on before and I can only expect limited success.

BTW ... saw my sister and the first words out of her was that I seem to have lost a significant amount of weight. Non of the right people see it but I'm glad I can feel like I'm able to go to Florida and not feel like a beached whale.

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