Monday, October 18, 2010

Poker Face

I have returned from Florida. It feels good to be home although I will miss the beach. It will be some time before I can have sand and water under my feet again.
I had a really early flight yesterday. Up at 5 to make a 7 AM plane and was back in NY by 9:30. I took the train to Mineola where Lisa picked me up. She took me home and we chatted briefly then she headed home. I thought I would see her later at the Oysterfest event that we had all planned to go to. I sent her several text messages that went unanswered. So I have a feeling she never went.
I did meet Janet and Roberta there and we enjoyed the day walking around and listening to music. We took the train so we didn't need to worry about traffic or parking. It was fun but I spent a lot of energy looking for people who I never saw. I wanted to carry my vacation confidence as far as I could. But no opportunity presented itself so I'm feeling a little sad today.
The brief phone call from Coleen on Friday was all I heard from her even though she said she would reach out to me. I have mixed feelings because I still feel like I want to say a few things but I will not make that call. It's probably better that she doesn't call. I am fairly sure there was a discussion among Janet, Roberta and Jami but no one has said anything directly to me. I think Roberta did hint at it though. I have taken the attitude of playing a hand of poker and not show my cards to anyone. They will be played when I choose.

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