Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fear and loathing in Florida

It's Saturday morning and I just drove mom to the airport. She is on her way to NY and I am here alone in Florida taking care of the dog. I have some tentative plans later today so I'm not completely isolated.
Friday night my mom picked up her friend Yvonne and we went to an art exhibit. Yvonne is single and mom wondered if we could click but while she is nice I can't see it as a match. Right from the get go I sense she and I do not enjoy similar interests. She is a say at home and watch tv kind of person. We talked about getting together and I expect I will but not thinking it's for any more than company. You might think in my desperate state I should not be so quick to dismiss but she is a pretty big girl ... probably outweighing even me by 20 or so lbs. Still she isn't a bump on a log ... she was very talkative and for sure I'd like to have some company this week.
My cell phone was very quiet last night. I guess my not communicating with Coleen has finally convinced her to go away. It's been 5 days of no text messages. As time goes by I'm being more and more sure about myself. She was lucky to have me in her life and now that she doesn't it's not such a loss for me. I wish I hadn't let her in so far. I do feel tempted to call and have a talk just to see if I can close things off. But I told myself I would take this time away to re-evaluate things.
I'm a little disappointed that none of my other friends are checking in. I guess they all are doing their own thing and I will be reaching out to them at different points. With mom gone I am just having some alone time and it would be nice to hear from people back home so I am not completely isolated.

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