Sunday, October 10, 2010

One less saturday night.

Living it up in Florida. I took a break from the beach and had lunch with some former work friends I know from NY.
That's me and Denise and Joe. We all worked together more than 25 years ago. They have lived down here near my mom since leaving NY. I try to call when I'm here but it doesn't always happen. They are both married and they really don't know where I am coming from. I was getting dating tips from Joe of all people. I used to watch Joe struggle with women back in the day and now he is happy in his marriage and yesterday he was kind of lauding it all over me. Life just gets better and better.
Mom is now gone so it's just me and the dog for a week. Not many people here I know and since last night was Saturday I felt I had to get out. Tara, who is my 2nd cousin (daughter of my cousin), is 28 years old I think and recently married was going to an Oktoberfest event and she made the mistake of telling me about it. So I made my way there even though I had this uneasy feeling I was crashing her party. I just figured I would go and see what happens and while it seemed like everyone was having a good time I did seem to be alone. So I stayed an appropriate amount of time and headed home pretty early. I had considered going to the tiki bar but I knew that I wouldn't know a soul and all I would be able to do is creep people out if I tried to talk to anyone.
So last night was another tough night and I'm still having so much trouble sleeping. I was up at 7 and this isolated feeling is permeating my thoughts constantly. I was hoping Florida would cure my blues and while I am better and am a long way from feeling good.
I did call Janet yesterday. She was having a busy weekend although I don't know what she was planning for Saturday evening. She told me she spent part of her Friday night in the bar and saw Coleen. Can't seem to go a day without hearing that name. 6 day's without contact though. Maybe I'll never talk to her. I'm sure she is fine about it. I'm so much easier to replace.

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Cindy said...

I think you should have gone to the tiki bar and just enjoyed yourself! How could anyone be creeped out by you??!! Have some fun and relax for a bit!!!!