Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If not for the dog I'm alone.

I am going to the beach every day while I'm here. there isn't much else to do. Here is my beach buddy, Shadow the wonderdog. The dog loves it there. So I go and relax and read my book. I am feeling good as each day passes.
My mom's friend Yvonne showed up walking her dogs. She saw the car and made a special trip just to stop by and say hello. So I asked her to dinner and we have a plan to go Thursday. Remember I do not really find her very attractive but at this point I will not reject anything out of hand. And then before leaving I got a call from a repair place that my mom had taken her scooter to. So I asked Yvonne if she would be kind enough to give me a ride and she did. It was a nice thing to do but also a little validating for me. After facing my latest rejection it's a welcome relief to meet someone who at the very least is not dismissing me.
So I'm anxious to go to dinner and I almost want to call it a date just so that I can feel like I'm still date-able. Maybe when I get home I can start re-establishing myself to where I can find a woman who, if not willing to love, but is a least considering it. I want to stop wasting my time on the ones who consider me a non-option. I will need to think on that some more.
I did get a call from my brother Barry who just said hello. So carrying my cell phone has paid off a little.
I still haven't had anything from Coleen so I can really feel she is gone gone gone. What's also strange is none of the other friends from that circle haven't done anything. No texts or emails or calls since I spoke to Janet on Saturday. While that is unusual it's not unprecedented.
I'm probably paranoid but I wonder if Jami isn't at the root of this. Probably just everyone knowing I'm away and not thinking I'm available. We will see.

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Cindy said...

I am glad you're going out to dinner with Yvonne! What harm is there in that? Have a great time and relax!