Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yes, I made the call

I got home from work then went to the gym. I had a terrible workout. Just wasn't into it. I made a trip down to check the boat. Then went home and made a quick dinner. Then finally at 9 o'clock I dialed up Carolyn and said hi. She picked up and with that we had about a 45 minute conversation. Hey, it's not like we just met. We've known each other for a long time and I've always thought there might be sparks there. But always before there were other people in the way and it just didn't seem like I was ever getting past that. But this time she did make a move toward me. I remember from the movie Hitch that a man needs to 90 percent and leave the last 10 percent up to her. I am probably only at 50 percent but that can change quick.
I wanted to make a plan but she was somewhat resistant. I do get a sense she wants her options open. And I'm fine with that as she does have some - dare I say it - baggage. Her life right now is tangled in legal issues both with her ex-husband and her family. She is estranged from her sister and brother, both of whom I know. I won't go into the reasons yet except to say it's financial and really messy. I may give more details at some point but just not part of today's story.
Our conversation a little longer than I expected, which I guess could be a good thing except we touched on some things I hadn't anticipated, such as why I don't have friends come out on the boat so much anymore. I may have said a little too much. But that's just me.
I have no idea what's coming next. As always I feel a little optimistic, but trying not to hang all my hopes and dreams onto one thing. Like I said, Carolyn is someone i know for a long time and it has been my experience that if things don't happen within a few days they never seem to happen. I've always been somewhat available and there is probably a reason why we never hooked up previously. That makes me think the next 10 days or so could be interesting. Or not.


Cindy said...

I think it sounds good. And at our age, really, who doesn't have baggage, some more than others, but...
I'll look forward to more posts with interest!! :)

Mikeg5162000 said...

Yes, we all have some baggage but this is a little more extreme. An ex-husband who stalks her, a sister and brother who are taking legal action against her and then there is what I think is a little crazy that comes with Carolyn.