Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Less Rockin' Chair and more just Rockin'

Sunset was spent down at the boat last night. It had to be a total "me" moment since I have no one who wants to share it with me. For the moment I am fine with that. The sun went down with a nice orange color and I just relaxed as I'd done all the I had set out to do. The boat is now ready for sailing and I even got the engine started just to keep it ready. It ran for about 20 minutes and getting it out into the bay will be my next thing. I needed to get to the grocery store so i couldn't do it last night although if someone had showed up I would have gladly blown off the weekly shop for some time on the water.
My "to do" list is still a long way from being finished but as things get done I feel more ready for summer. I just wish I had some kind of social activity to look forward to. If it's just going to be me I may as well make the best of it. Tonight I will continue my regular visits to the gym. Sometime I wonder if anyone like me ever meets anyone in a gym setting. I mean let's face it, I am not the guy a woman sees at the gym and thinks "this is what I've been looking for". Then there is a the fact that I pretty much just go and do my workout without very much interaction except for if Lisa shows up. Still, it is something I'll continue to do since no one will come knocking on my door and it is the one thing I can do to keep myself in a relatively good state of health.
Yesterday was Tuesday and my grocery store offers a discount coupon for senior citizens. I don't qualify but it is hard to believe I will in less than 3 months. It was bad enough I started getting AARP stuff in the mail as soon as I turned 50 but now I am considered a senior citizen. How is it I can go to the gym and do the same workout I did when I was in my 20's and then be a senior? I am not ready for the rocking chair.

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Cindy said...

I know what you mean about the senior citizen thing. I can't even get my mind around being 52!! I remember my parents and even grandparents saying that on the inside they didn't feel old (older) at all, but their body was saying something different! As far as the gym and all the things you say about yourself - I think you're way to hard on yourself!!! Your alone time on the boat sounds good - enjoy your summer!!