Monday, June 20, 2011

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

When ever things go in unexpected directions I am always caught off-guard. Out of the blue last week I heard from Tracy, neurotic Jewish princess that I find attractive in the one time fling kind of way. At one time she was employed by my departed friend Joe, who would insist I never go there. Of course, he knew of what he was speaking. I guess now that the boat is in the water I shouldn't be surprised to hear from her. Still like the glutton for punishment guy that I am, I asked her out for dinner on Friday night. Seeing as I have no real plan I thought you never know, maybe a little alone time with someone might work some kind of magic. After my one night time with Doreen I am thinking my vibe must be working something. Well, when I get to the restaurant she sends me a text that she was bringing her brother, of all people. WTF, well at least I didn't have to pick up the check. To top it all off, I can't remember her brother's name if my life depended on it. I really need to just let her go. Was I prepared for that. No, because if I was I would never have made the plan in the first place. If i have anything even close to going on I would. The only good thing that came about was I got a text from Coleen and didn't even respond to it.
Which brings me to day 2 of my out-of-my-control weekend. I need to absolutely get my boat out so I had asked my friend Chris to take a sail with me on Saturday. He is always a late starter so I knew I could get to the gym and run some errands in the morning and then get in a short afternoon sail so that I could just see how things are. Well, at a little after 12 PM I got a phone call from my brother Sean. Seems he was relaying a message to me that a girl was trying to reach me. This was Carolyn. It may take me a while to explain about her so I'll just be brief. She has a power boat on the same dock as my boat. She is very attractive. Although her marriage ended about 5 years ago she is still going through a really messy divorce and custody fight. She had a boyfriend named Andy who died last year from cancer. She is unattached for the moment. If you go back to summer 2005 you will see we had a day that made me think she was interested in me but I gave up any of those thoughts because I think she just wanted attention. Well, last week I went to check on the boat and she was there doing more or less the same thing. We ended up sharing a bottle of wine and before going I said we should plan a day on her boat. I didn't really think that would happen. Okay, now it's Saturday and she was trying to call me and apparently does not have my number but knew to call my brother. Sean wouldn't give my number out but would get a message to me. I called her back right away. I considered telling Chris our plan was off and I could be alone with Carolyn. But after the disaster date with Tracy I figured I should not get any expectations. So I told her my friend Chris had to come or we couldn't go and she agreed to that. I keep looking back and wondering what would have happened because Carolyn seems to have this hot and cold thing that makes me want to get her alone just to see what happens. We ended up having a good day and I felt that is was good that there was someone else there to keep me from rushing into anything. We ended up hanging out until late and I kept hoping Chris would go home and Carolyn would stay. Well, Chris stayed and Carolyn left. You know I want to call her and see if there really is something there.
Sunday was a full day on the water. I took Chris and his daughter out for a sail to celebrate father's day. We cooked out on the boat. It was actually a really fun relaxing day and was a good way to cap off the weekend. I am really just giving a fraction of how much I did this weekend. It's Monday and I'm looking forward to next weekend.

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