Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday was boating and dinner

This is Carolyn. Yes, she is a real girl. I spent yesterday on her boat with her daughter and a friend of her daughters. So our time together was chaperoned. I still have not been alone with her so nothing has happened romantically. But I did follow up a day on the water by taking the three of them out for dinner. It may have been money I don't necessarily have as the mortgage comes due this week. It remains to be seen whether is was money well spent.
We talked a lot yesterday and I wanted to make plans but I get the feeling she is hesitating. Last thing I said before "good night" was that I would call her during the week. We actually discussed doing something on Friday night. I'm not sure I want to wait that long. I will keep you posted.
Part of my financial crisis comes from some unexpected boat expenses the last 2 weekends. Last week I needed to replace my power cord to the tune of $120 and then this weekend it was a new fuel pump which ran me another $135. Then I paid for dinner for 4 which I actually got off fairly cheap at $130. When I give myself only about $300 a paycheck in walking around money I blew through a months worth in 2 weekends. I am not going to dwell on that until bills don't get paid. I think I still have some money for July. But in my mind I want to take Carolyn out some more. I really don't want to get myself in a bind but I also don't want money to keep me from what may be an eventful summer. I shouldn't think too far ahead.

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