Friday, June 24, 2011

Look at how much changes in a week

It's Friday. The last seven days have been nothing if not eventful. When last Friday began I was trying to make a date with crazy neurotic girl, Tracy which ended up being dinner with her and her brother. I still wasn't walking away because that is how desperate I've become.
Then I got this random phone call from Carolyn. I'd mentioned to her a while back how much I'd love to go fishing on her boat. I never figured she would act on it. So even though I had to rearrange some plans I made sure it could happen. It was a good day. Since then I've been scheming of a ways to see her again. So far it's resulted in me making a call to her but she was not able to commit to any plans I suggested.
Which brings me to tonight. It's Friday and right now I have absolutely nothing going on. There is a little voice in my head telling me to send a message and see if I can get Carolyn to come out for drinks. The weather kind of sucks so I can't look to an outdoor evening. I was considering the TIKI Bar near where Carolyn lives but that may seem a little "stalker-ish". If I was more confident I would make a direct call but a better option might be a text, or email. As the day goes on I feel as if I will attempt something. This is still much better than where I was last Friday.

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Cindy said...

It's a start. I think a text would be good. Have fun!!