Tuesday, June 7, 2011

weekend part 2

I know yesterday's post got kind of cut off in the middle. As I was writing things came up so I needed to just shut it down. As I may have been saying, my weekend was kind of the same old blah blah story. Went to the bar on Friday, went out to hear an outdoor concert on Saturday, saw Janet there, was home asleep by 11:30.
My Sunday wasn't much either. My plans to take the boat away from the dock and finally sail it got side tracked by chores that are still not all done. My only real surprise was Roberta stopping down at the boat to say hello with her little grandson Owen, who is only just walking. It's nice to see the ice melting but I still wonder why I need to just be friends when I'm not really sure what the point is anymore. Between Roberta and Janet I was feeling very much squeezed and I am not letting that happen again.
So now here it is Tuesday morning. I finally had a little down time at home last night. I had thoughts of doing laundry or just going down to the boat, but instead I just chilled at home. I peeked at FB and saw that Doreen has been ranting about men in her life. It was vague but she was going off on someone. I know it's not me because the last time she did that she said this was not about me. I'm a little sad since she did seem to like me but I think she needs to get what ever this is out of her system. I considered adding a comment but I thought better of it.

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