Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All revved up with no where to go

Yeah, was home alone last night. I did venture down to the boat to check on things and I figure you never know who may be down there to talk to. It was quiet so I watched the sunset and relaxed for an hour. I want to give Carolyn a call but I'm thinking about that rule from the movie Swingers where if you need wait three days or you can seem desperate... which of course I think I am. I also feel as if I need a plan before I can make that call.
Even though I know Carolyn a fairly long time this all started 2 Wednesdays ago when I just randomly went down to the boat to check on the refrigeration. I walk down the ramp onto the dock and there is Carolyn alone on her boat just sitting there. It was a nice night so I offered to open a bottle of wine if she was willing. After a drink or two she started to tell me how she is struggling with life without Andy. The way she had always described their relationship when he was here was that she needed Andy more than wanted him and was not considering anything permanent. Now that he is gone she is probably realizing how attached they really were. So I decided to just listen but I must say I am very attracted to her. There is something there... but then I've been fooled before into thinking that. She is very flirtatious. When another boater, Ned came in from an evening of fishing and stopped to say hello on his way home- Carolyn seemed like she was coming on to him ... trying way too hard to be friendly. She has done that before so that made it easy for me to just decide she isn't good for me.
Then she calls me Saturday and asked me to spend the day on her boat. Probably safe, but I still wonder if I hadn't had my friend Chris there. I considered telling Chris to get lost several times. But I didn't and I am probably better off, although I do want call now and see if Carolyn is receptive to anything. I gotta make that call.


Cindy said...

I think you should make the call. Either way, you'll be no worse off and maybe things will really start to work!! Good luck!!

Mikeg5162000 said...

Oh, I'm gonna make the call. The only decision is when. I think tonight.

Cindy said...

Sooo, did you make the call?