Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waiting on a friend.

Back at the work desk. Same as yesterday. I am thinking I will finally make it back into the gym tonight. I think I am about over my cold. I probably need it if only for my self-esteem.
There has been hardly any social contact with anyone for almost 2 weeks. Last night's big activity was going to the grocery store. Spent $100 there so obviously I'm stocked up for a while. If no one talks to me at least I can enjoy a nice dinner.
I just do not feel like going to the bar anymore. I miss Coleen but if she's not even calling me anymore then what's the point of seeking her out, especially when she is making her life with the BF. It is liberating knowing she is out of the way finally.
Whatever is next is still way over the horizon so I just will keep my eyes looking ahead and hold course. I need to focus on taking care of the little things like paying bills and staying healthy. Friends will need to wait.

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