Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend part 1

I needed to spend some time on a work project over the weekend but things being what they are I only got to it after dinner on Sunday night. No big deal. I ended up getting it done well before the deadline. Maybe I am a rally bad procrastinator but is feel like I had so much to do on the weekend I just couldn't get to it.
I left work on Friday night a little mad because I got this task dumped on me and was really hoping to have time to do some outdoor activities. Well, I figured I would work it out as I go. Meanwhile Friday night turned into one of my more typical nights of seeing friends at the bar. I got there at about 7 which is kind of late as the people who work locally usually have a 2 hour head start and sometimes head out to other places before I even get my first drink. But it's to a point now where I'm always hoping someone new might show up so I look at that in as a positive. I did see Coleen there, with the BF. She mentioned something about having Indian food for dinner next week but I told her she needs to decide what day so I could plan my week. I know she never plans anything with me so I'm not expecting to see her. Besides she had already had too much to drink. Moving on. Nothing much of note on Friday occurred outside of that.
Saturday morning Lisa called me early and I met her at the gym. She has gone from hating it to wanting to go as much as she can. She is on a weight watchers kick right now so she is all gung-ho about it. As much as I like her and I find her so attractive, she really has gained some weight over time . She has already lost close to 20 lbs. She still looks like a million $ but she will never look at me so I try not to dwell on it. It is nice to have someone there when I go to the gym that can push me a little. She called me to go again on Sunday but I don't do the gym more than once in a weekend.
After the gym I headed for the boat and stopped at a garage sale on the way. Just something to do. I saw Janet there. I mentioned that I was planning to see the music down at the beach later that night. She said she would see me there. With that I spent the rest of the day doing my chores around the boat.
One of the great things about my life now is my home, my boat and most of my friends are all in the same area. So I was able to cruise on home and get some food and pack a cooler and go see the music and if it sucked I could be home in 10 minutes. I get down to the beach and I saw Janet with her daughter Ali (she's on her 20's) and the daughter's BF Chris. I couldn't figure out if she wanted me to hang out with her or not so I basically did my own thing but would periodically go over and chat with her. She had been drinking some wine and I had the feeling she was a little past drunk. These are the times when I prefer not to be around Janet because one second she is talking to me and then she is off with someone else and I am left wondering if I am in the way or not. If she doesn't introduce me to whoever it is I usually figure I need to go. It's kind of an odd thing she does. I guess i can talk more about that later.

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