Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Drama.

I guess I can expect a quiet week. All the drama queens are leaving me alone, which is what I want. I did get a call from an old friend. Marilyn I know from my scuba diving days. That's something I don't do anymore. It just got too expensive and isn't something you should do if money is tight. But it was good to hear from her and there is plans for the whole group to get together for a breakfast in a week or two. We chatted for more than half an hour. Marilyn is not a prospect as she it a little bit older than I am. She was very close to my departed friend Joe. They may have had an affair but Joe was smart enough to keep it a secret from me. It will be 5 years since he died this month. Wow ... seems like it just happened. We are also coming up on one year since dad died. February has never been my favorite month, but it's even less so now.
I also got a text message from Lisa although I was busy in the gym when she sent it so I don't know if she ever saw my reply. She just had a question about someone.
My time at the gym was tough. I did all the regular stuff I always do but at the end I felt light headed and thought I might pass out. This happened just as I was preparing to leave. I think I just may have been dehydrated even though I drank the usual amount of water. I hadn't eaten since lunch and was late because I was working in the city and needed to run an errand so by the time I finished it was almost 9 PM. Maybe 9 hours without food or water is too much. Or it could be the cold weather. After I got home and had dinner I felt better so I'm sure there nothing more to that. The mistake I made was drinking soda with dinner. I probably had 20 ounces of caffeine. When I went to bed I had difficulty falling asleep.
I also spoke to my brother yesterday. Barry want to play hookie from work and go skiing. I haven't gone skiing in a long time but I am considering going. Physically I can do it but my gear has been sitting in a closet so long I'm afraid for how it will go. I will get it out and see how it feels.
So it was a drama free Monday. Let's see how Tuesday goes.

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Cindy said...

I hope you get your gear out and just do a quick maintenance on it and go skiing for the day with your brother!! Why not, have some fun, grab the moment - GO!!!

I had an appt. this morning with the oral surgeon. Had 5 teeth pulled. 3 wisom teeth, (2 with roots around my jawbone) and the other teeth had roots into my sinus. Feeling ok considering and have not taken anything for pain yet. Since we're supposed to get hit with the snowstorm tomorrow, I may just take the day off again.

Hope the rest of the week goes well for you