Friday, February 11, 2011

News - mostly good

I called my sister yesterday to see how long my brother-in-law was going to be in the hospital and was pleasantly surprised when he was the one who answered. My sister said he would stay until at least Friday so it was really great news to have him back home. He still struggles to swallow and he has a feeding tube in order to get enough sustenance but being home is way better than the hospital.
I need to get a better grip on my finances. I am down to my last $20 and still not seeing any money until next Tuesday. I guess I will be using the credit card or just laying low this weekend. Not as if there is a big valentine I need to take care of.
I took the day off from work yesterday (Thursday). The plan was to join 3 of my siblings and go skiing, but when Kenny went into the hospital we decided we should do it another time. But since I'd already requested the day I took it anyway and got some things done. Went to the gym in the morning. In the afternoon I got a haircut, then went to allergist and finally get my eyes checked and ordered new glasses. These were all things I'd been putting off for one reason or another. Seems like it snows each time I planned to go for allergy shots.
It was good that I had Thursday off because on the way home Wednesday night I got a text message from Coleen asking what I had planned for dinner. We ended up getting Chinese food and we ate it at her house. This after having 3 glasses of wine. She told me she had an argument with Tommy which doesn't shock me at all. I don't know what to make of that, but I was pleased she called me. I just wish I wasn't such a pushover. Or at least had a clue how to take advantage of the situation. She says he has huge mood swings, like maybe he is bipolar. So much baggage. Next thing I will hear is they worked it out.
I pretty much have my weekend mapped out. It it's like any other weekend I will visit my sister and see how my brother-in-law is doing. Probably have a slice of pizza there. Jimmy said he would be hanging out in a different place so I may do that or I may just go home and prepare for an early start for my Saturday at the gym.
I'll do the gym and then go home. This is usually when I'll get a message from Coleen. I won't have much else to do. Staying away would be the best idea but I haven't done that before. Sunday I won't do much either. I should start a project. Or it's Lisa's birthday and maybe I can see her. One of these things will happen, Tune in Monday for the results.

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