Friday, February 4, 2011

My daily blah blah blog

I can give myself a rating of 6 yesterday. It's Friday. I am mellowing out as the week continues. I saw Janet at the grocery store yesterday. She snuck up on me. We chatted and I apologized for how I've been the last week or so. She said work is making her miserable right now. The corporate bosses ousted the president and replaced him with their toadies. Since Janet is the office manager and pretty much the assistant to the president she feels as if her days are numbered. This even though she is performing her job for the new management team just as effectively as the old one. She is professional and I pray she lands on her feet. Janet has never been one to set money aside for emergencies.
After the grocery store I stopped in the bar and hung out for a bit. I'd missed Coleen which was fine by me. We spoke on the phone earlier in the day and she seems like she doesn't have much to say anymore. She is having trouble moving on from the death of the dog and while I feel for her I am getting a little tired of it. It's 2 weeks today and she needs to start letting it go.
Not sure what I want to do tonight but I think I'm going to pass up going out for a drink. I'll do dinner but that's about it. I am looking at my financial situation and I'm realizing I need to be more frugal. So maybe I'll just be a homebody this weekend. Those plans are subject to change as always.

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