Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rate the day from 1 to 10

Seems like lately I've had the urge to publish on a daily basis. It's beginning to become part of my morning start up. Log on and go over the previous day's events. I'm considering giving myself a rating of 1 to 10 for how each day is. I figure a 1 as bad ... like someone close to me has died. A 10 would need to be I get laid. Up until now I've had more 1's than 10's. I'll put yesterday at about a 5.
I say a 5 since I can't say much of anything really happened one way or another. The good is my bro-in-law, Kenny finished his treatment on the cancer he has and now we wait 4 weeks to see how effective it is. That may be my good news.
I spent yesterday working and had no contacts with anyone all day. No emails or phone calls outside of ones relating to work. I worked from home so I ended my workday feeling very isolated. I had planned to go to the gym but I needed to escape this loneliness and be around people. I went to the bar and saw Coleen there. She didn't stay long but we did get in some conversation. It is one of the things I can count on. She actually scolded me for not calling her, but I think she was mostly joking. She left early to see Tommy at his house. He had told her he wasn't feeling well but she was going anyway. I had this feeling him not feeling well was his code that he didn't want her coming around. That's a funny thing about her ... she gets more needy if you tell her to go away. To me she seems very self assured but that is mostly because she resists me.
When she left she said she would be home after a quick stop in and I should either call her either later or at work the next day. I said I would more likely text. I really don't understand what she needs me to call for. But I am lonely and do feel good that there is someone who just likes to hear from me about nothing in particular. It's an odd place to be.
After she was gone I had a drink alone at the end of the bar. There are so many people that I know that are regulars there but none of them were around. Not even Jimmy who I can always count on for bar company. I just sat alone with my thoughts watching the early barmaid count out and the night barmaid set up. I keep losing track of there names ... Lilly is the late bartender and she is young and thin and seems to have a nice word to say to me whenever I see her. I know she is single and had a daughter. I don't know if there is a man in her life. The day bartender's name always escapes me. I remember it starts with an A. She is new and even younger than Lilly. She is also single but there is a man in her life. Neither one are prospects.
After a while some friends did arrive to keep me company so I could talk to someone. Before I left I did send a text just to see if I would get a response. Right, I know, stupid. But Coleen did saw she was home and restated that I should call next day. With that I was home.
So I give my day a 5. Today can either be better or worse. We will see.

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