Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Prez Day

It's Presidents Day so no work for me today. I slept a little late and then made it into the gym. There is a bit of snow outside but not enough to keep anyone from getting where they need to go.
I slept late because last night I was playing pool at the bar kind of late. It didn't start out fun though as Coleen was there and was upset about some argument she had with her dad. She was on the verge of tears the entire time she was there. It was something insignificant but it was the straw to break the camels back so to speak. She is about to be 44 and has had to live with her parents since her divorce more than 7 years ago. She feels trapped because she doesn't have money to move. It's mostly her own fault but it still triggers my whole co-dependant thing as I would love to help her. But she isn't really looking at that from me and the one's she looks to aren't going to do that. Probably best that way. I've always said God tends to protect me from myself at times.
With that she left and I stayed in the bar and played lots of pool. I once played a lot years ago and I am enjoying playing again. It's a good diversion

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