Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunshine - not!

So far my trip to Florida has been a huge disappointment. It's been raining continuously for the last two days. That's leaving me with nothing to do but stay inside and watch TV.

My brain keeps obsessing on my new apartment. I've already screwed up the loan against my 401K as my attempt to get a home loan will take too long so I had to re-do it today. That means I've lot 4 days but I guess that will not become an issue since I scheduled the contract to be later and won't occur until 2 weeks from today.

I keep thinking about the paint color. Tuscan gold, saffron or adobe yellow are the colors I want to paint. The kitchen I want to paint some kind of salmon color. Then I need to think about carpets ... not to mention how much it may cost and whether I have enough money.

Yesterday I received a nice surprise call from Coleen. It was a nice chat and makes me feel like we are still connected. I still don't think it's anything I can consider more than just a friendship call but at least I still can expect her to reach out to me now and then. I was so sad in February when it seemed like that had completely stopped. I did miss her more than even I expected.


Cindy said...

Glidden paint makes a disc that you can get in any Home Depot store - it lets you try out paint colors in various rooms and even take a picture of your own rooms or exterior of a home. I've used it often, it's a great help to see if you'll like a certain color and even what other colors go with the one you choose. I love the sound of the salmon kitchen. I hope you'll post pictures of that on inparticular. Hope it stops raining there!!

Anonymous said...

It's been raining all day where I'm at and I hate it! Also you not the only one thinking about what to do with a new apartment. I will be moving at the end of this month or sooner after my boyfriend and his boss finishes it up. We are going to be moving in with hardly nothing. The only thing I really have is bedroom things nothing else.. So we gotta figure out how to get some living room things and other crap that we need. I guess it's not that big of a deal but I'm 26 and have never had my own place lol I can't wait to get everything in and fix it up...