Saturday, March 13, 2010

Field of Dreams story

Finally a nice sunny day in Florida. I took a big long run this morning before taking a trip to the beach. During the 4 or so miles I ran I had to really push myself. I've been used to running inside on a treadmill which gave me pace and time. Without those things I needed to convince my mind that I could make the distance.

Speaking of making the distance I have been using the words from Field of Dreams as my mantra while I run. "Build it and he will cone" and "go the distance". Years ago Lisa gave me a self-help book called Building You Own Field of Dreams. I read it but it at the place I was in at the time it was lost on me. Then I was in love with Lisa and her giving me a book that said all things were possible was ridiculous when the one who gave it to me was never going to return those feelings of affection. But I've never forgotten some of the things that were in it and right now I am feeling I can achieve anything once I've decided that is what I really want.

So with that thought in mind one of the things that the book said it is to clear away the things blocking you from your dreams. It pains me to say this but I have always known that my weight is an issue. I think when people see me, especially women, they see an me as unattractively fat. This was really evident when I told Coleen I'd been able to run 4 miles 3 times a week and the first thing she wanted to know was if I'd lost any weight.

So now I am taking a long look at things and now that I am well on my way to securing a new home my next big thing is to make a serious effort to improve my appearance. Up until now I have been focusing on my health by exercising but not considering a diet was necessary. I guess that will be my next step. "Go the distance".

I had a total me day at the beach. Just me and the dog getting sun and going swimming in the ocean. I will probably get more of that tomorrow. Then Monday I play golf. It's finally starting to feel like a vacation.

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Cindy said...

Everything sounds positive in your post! That's great and I'm happy for you. Losing weight is something everyone of us worries about so you're definately not alone! Running isn't my thing due to a back injury at work, but biking, walking, swimming - those are all great! Good Luck and I hope it stays sunny for the remainder of your visit!!