Monday, March 8, 2010

My big purchase

Today I spent more money than I ever have before. But in a good way. Today I bought a co-op apartment. We haggled back and forth all day until we got a deal. Now I have to get the financing. I have a pre-approval for a mortgage so I'm good there. I have $25k toward the down payment. That just leaves the closing. Probably another $10k.

So I immediately began calling everyone I knew. Guess who I called first - yeah, it was Coleen. I needed to call her about something else anyway and I was waiting until later in the day so that I could finish the negotiations and give her my news. She was happy although I couldn't gauge her thrill factor because I was too happy.

I've been calling some other people ... more or less everybody. Then set about getting an attorney. setting out arranging for the purchase. Hopefully by summer I'll be closer to everyone I know. Or I'll just enjoy living in a place I can call my own.

My only disappointment is I won't get to tell my dad. It was at his urging that I've even gotten this far. I owe him a huge debt. I have a small bit of sadness mixed with my joy.

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Cindy said...

So much news!! This from a guy who had pretty much stopped writing altogether! I'm just teasing you :) First, let me tell you how sorry I am about your dad. It is so hard to lose anyone, but a parent is just harder. They know you like no one else ever has, they are a part of you. I have the same belief as you about an afterlife and yet I have had dreams like what you're talking about - my thoughts are, I just don't know. Hey, on a brighter side, CONGRATS!! on the new place, that's great and so exciting!!! Yay, for you and I think if your dad didn't get to see it happen...parents just have a way of knowing, I think he knew you would do it!! Sorry Colleen still hasn't come around. The girl just doesn't think clearly!! She has wasted her time on Mark?? And now seems she's doing that again for this new guy who sounds like he isn't into her much at all. Hopefully she wakes up soon!! Ok, well I have tons to do and it's such a gorgeous day here I want to be out in it! Take Care, Cindy