Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All about me

I made it into the gym last night for the first time since I'd been back from Florida. Almost 2 weeks since my last time. I was able to do a full run on the treadmill. Lucky I did one run while I was away or it would have been much tougher.

Coleen's birthday was Monday and we had a conversation. She had no plans but still said no to my invite for dinner. Seems that her crush on Jimmy is not as serious as I first thought. I think Jimmy is not as into her as she is. I get a sense she would rather go hang out where he is than plan anything with me. I know that feeling since I've been doing the same thing with her for 2 years. You would think being aware of this I could change it and I am trying.

While I was away she did call me several times. My only friend that reached out to me. She also received a birthday present I had sent by mail during the time I was in Florida. I got the feeling she was more embarrassed than thrilled.

Part of me wants to make an full on in-her-face attempt at dating Coleen ... something I've never felt comfortable doing. But I feel those efforts would not result in anything but my losing a friend and me getting a humiliating brush off. I guess I'll know a change of attitude from her when I see it. Meantime I will just continue to be who I am even when it frustrates me so.

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