Sunday, March 7, 2010

My best day in a while

I can't seem to make any changes no matter how much I try. I'm saying this after having such a good day. I enjoyed spending my entire day with Coleen. I know things were not so good just a few days ago but she reached out for me and I responded like I always do. Right now it's about 8 o'clock and the last thing she said to me was to give her a call later and I'm mustering up the courage to do just that.

Details, I'm sure there should be details. Well ... it started on Saturday with a simple text message to my cell phone. She sent me a text while I was out shopping with my sister and I'd left my cell in my car. So I didn't even get the message for hours. That may have been a good thing because I wasn't responding which maybe gave her pause. I'll never know because I gave her a message when I saw it. There were more messages back and forth... and the last thing I said was I'd see her later. That never happened.

I had gotten up early on Sunday since I didn't really even go out Saturday night so it was a big surprise when my cell buzzed with a text message while I was still making breakfast. Coleen was asking how I was. So we finally had a phone conversation and I talked her into going for a ride with me so we could both run some errands. I picked her up at 10 and we were in 4 stores and visited my brother before we even had lunch. I even had Lisa come meet us at a Chili's.

We finished our day by going to Gates which was mostly fun. I did however have a difficult time while I watch how Coleen interacted with Jimmy. I guess there isn't really anything going on between them but that's not because she isn't trying. She never misses a chance to touch him in some not so subtle ways. Things that I wish I could feel. But it's never going to be me. No matter if I ignore her or give her all my warm friendship. Which is all I know how to do.

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