Thursday, March 18, 2010

Regular day

While playing golf in Florida there juvenile raccoons came begging for food. We were told they were orphaned about 6 months ago. They must be surviving on handouts as they showed no fear and were very cute. We decided not to feed them. I'm not sure how they will be if they are so friendly to people. But it was a good photo.

I'm back in NY after a week in Florida. We are in a spring heatwave. The weather here is as warm as it was there.

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day and I enjoyed a nice dinner with Janet. My corned beef and cabbage were delicious. I hadn't seen her in some time so it was good to spend time with her. Her oldest is getting married so she was very excited to talk about wedding plans. I listened but I didn't have much interest. Still it was nice to get out.

I did speak to Coleen earlier but again she seemed like making plans with me is no longer an option so I let that go.

So I'm back to work... for now.

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