Monday, March 22, 2010

GC Parade

A lot of things going on and I'm never going to get it all down but I will try. I'll start with the GC City St. Patrick's Parade, which always occurs on the Sunday after March 17 so they can get all the best bagpiper bands to march. It was a fun day.

It was the warmest, sunniest day for a parade in March that I could remember. You could not have asked for a nicer day. I got there late because I needed to get some papers for my new mortgage together beforehand. More about that later.

Of course Coleen was there. Notice the brace on her wrist ... I was told something about that and it's been bothering me since.

Suddenly there are secrets and things I have to guess about. And they usually are things I wish I had never known. These are not good things.

So Friday after work I saw my attorney and signed the contract for my new home. I also wrote out the biggest check I'd ever signed. After that I wanted to go celebrate so I went to Gates. As I was going in I saw Coleen in her car. I walked over and said hello. She was leaving and it was only a little past 6. So I told her about how I was celebrating and she said there were many of my friends already inside, but she had to leave. I told her I was disappointed because I considered her to my my closest friend. She said she didn't want to drink too much so we agreed to talk later ... which became the next day.

Saturday was a warm sunny day and I got up early and was meeting Lisa at the gym. We decided to run on the street instead. We did a good 3 and a half miles. The exercise is doing me some good as I feel good although very stiff and sore. Afterwards I spoke to Coleen and we agreed to meet up later in the day. I did some work getting my boat opened for spring and then met up with her late in the afternoon. She apparently had been trying to get me earlier but I'd missed it. I asked her if she'd like to have dinner with me and she said yes.

We went out for some Indian food, which is our favorite. It was a good evening. But then she let it slip that last evening she didn't go straight home but in fact had gone somewhere else to meet a friend. It wasn't Jimmy since he was at the Gate when I was there. So I'm wondering who this friend is. But I also didn't really want to know so I pretended not to care. After dinner we went back for a drink before she headed home. Or at least that's where she said she was going.

There I also met up with my other friends including Janet and Roberta. They talked me into going to another place to hear some music. Before the music started Roberta asked if I knew about the "accident" that Coleen had. Apparently before her birthday she was driving Jimmy home and hit another car. Roberta said Coleen got her car fixed and never did report the accident. I don't really know what to believe since Roberta kind of has it in for Coleen, but I was thinking that may have been why Coleen was so reluctant to go out on her birthday. Then yesterday she has a brace for her wrist ... like maybe the accident was that bad.

So today I'm wondering how I can feel good about someone who has such a dark side. I also am sad that she doesn't trust me enough to talk to me about something like that. And lastly .... she may have more of a drinking problem than I can handle. So it's probably the best thing that she doesn't have feelings for me. It's the problem I keep having though. I always want the person who is needy. I have to stop my feelings for her. I just wish it didn't make me feel so lonely.

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