Friday, March 5, 2010

My Day

Hello. I skipped yesterday. I was kept busy at work and never signed on the computer at home so posting was not on my agenda. At least I had a productive day at the office. Then I went to the gym and broke my distance and time record on the treadmill. I met Lisa there who continues to out do me. Together we are doing much more than I expected. Maybe we can see real results soon but thus far I haven't.

On Wednesday after work I went to get my monthly allergy shot. Since it was more than a year since I'd had my vitals checked by my doctor she decided to put me through a short check up. Everything was fine ... blood pressure good, breathing good and all else show things are fine. The only thing was she thinks I should get my cholesterol checked. She recommended a doctor in Glen Cove ... ironically enough one of the docs that Coleen works for. I'm holding off making that appointment since I just don't want to talk with her right now. I keep feeling like I need to get away from the whole situation. Because no matter what else happens I know that I'll never get her to love me. I must know that now.

Meanwhile I'm hoping to get to see some more new co-op apartments this weekend and finally find the one that will be my new home. I feel more than ever I need to make this happen. I want that change in the hopes that the other things I can't seem to change will become possible once I do this thing. I am probably looking for more than is really possible but I want to start living my life the way I should.

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