Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday optimism.

Life keeps turning on me to the point where I never know what to expect. I finished work and headed to the bar for my typical Friday night happy hour. I pulled into the parking lot and saw an empty space right next to Coleen's car and pulled in. I go into the bar and the only empty seat was the one next to Coleen. If this was a like any other Friday she would be having a drink and be gone in less than an hour to go have dinner with Mark. And that was certainly what she expected too. I asked what was up and she said Mark's college age son was visiting and she was expecting a call and she would go there and make them a nice shrimp and scallops dinner. That was a call that never came. I took advantage of the situation like I always do, by chatting with her and getting her to relax and enjoy herself, which she did. We played pool. She won. She started to laugh and enjoy herself like I knew she would.

At 7:30 she decided she had waited long enough and called Mark. He had already cooked the dinner without her. He said he never got any messages. I have no proof but if I was to guess I would say he really didn't want Coleen around while he was with his son. I mean even if he hadn't gotten any messages, it was Friday night. Why would you not call your girlfriend on Friday night? After the phone call ended she at first sounded really upset but I could see her just wipe it away and decide to enjoy her friends.

She only stayed another hour or so but now I'm curious to see how she and Mark go forward. I just can't see how she thinks they can take the next step when it's clear to me and pretty much everyone else Mark is excluding Coleen from the real important bonding experiences. And I won't be the one to point these things out to her. I'll wait until she is done.

Stay tuned

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