Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I can't believe I'm even writing this. I was out this evening. I saw Coleen in the bar, then stopped at Janet's and had some wine there. I headed home at 9:30 and walked through my door a little before 10. There was a message on my home answering machine. Hit the button and listened. It was Valerie, who I don't recall, but the message was about my ex-wife. Seems she was sent to the emergency room at 8 o'clock from an overdose of pills.

So yes - that's right. My ex-wife, Brenda took too many pills. I still don't know if it was suicide or just a stupid mistake. But I jumped into the car and headed to the hospital. Not like I have any clue what to do but I wasn't just going to sleep after hearing that. So once at the hospital I saw that she was laying on a gurney and breathing but mostly was asleep. She was breathing on her own. As her ex-husband I am not sure what my status is but she may not have designated anyone else as her next of kin.

After an hour I found out she was stable and would be admitted to ICU so I got a number to call and now I'm finally home. I have no idea what to do other than go there tomorrow and hopefully talk to her. This is so beyond fucked up I can't believe this. What could be so bad that she is having this kind of drama? Part of me wants to make her feel okay, and another part of me is so mad I want to give her a loaded weapon and let her have at it.

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