Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little bit more

The comment from Cindy was real food for thought. It feels great to know there are strangers who have gotten to know me through this blog can weigh in with their thoughts now and then. My reasons for not blogging as before are a combination of things. Mostly I really haven't had the time to clearly organize my thoughts. I am a little uncomfortable in my own skin right now. Not necessarily in a bad way. I just wish I knew I could make a difference.

My ex-wife, Brenda has been admitted into the psychiatric ward at the hospital for what I expect will be about 60 days. She has no phone for calling out and the ablity to call in is limited to 2 payphones that have been busy the few times I've attempted to call. I feel a little guilty about not making more of an effort to call. When I first heard about her going to the ER I was at the hospital as often as I could be but now I feel she has the help she needs. My family and friends all agree that I needed to step back a bit and let her find her own way. So now I am.

Things have cooled a lot with Coleen. I guess when I heard her making plans for later in the summer with her bf I realize now that nothing real will happen anytime soon. She has not been paying much attention to me. So I feel I must move on in a different direction.


jencham7 said...

I think it's great that you are stepping back from your Ex.  You don't need that stress and guilt.  
I don't know what to say about Colleen.  Whatever is meant to happen will happen.  Just hang in there.  It sounds like you have plenty of nice friends to hang out with, and summer always brings something fun !!!!

chittarabunny129 said...

hey! don't have much time to comment as I'm at work, read this last page of entries to try and catch up... but I just wanted to drop a line, not an anchor!