Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been not updating for a week. It's not like I don't have anything to add. I'm just caught in this malstrem of negativity that needs to change. I was struggling at work, about to take a meaningless vacation and no longer sure what role I have with anyone.

Trying to sort out the place that I'm at and how I got here. I guess I'm just emotionally tired right now and need to have a break from writing about it.

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cindyliz770 said...

I always worry when I leave comments if it will come across the way I mean it and not cold hearted. Here goes...Well, I think we have all been where you are, each in a different circumstance, but 'there' all the same.  You've had a tough time with your ex-wife's attempted suicide, but the up side is that she was unsuccessful and will get the help she needs. She is lucky to have you on her side. I don't think most divorced couples have that sort of relationship. So what place is it that you're at? You are compassionate and caring. Not a bad place to be. You'd like to be more than a friend to Colleen, but she doesn't seem to have woken up to smell the coffee just yet, so you're patient and willing to be a supportive friend for the time being. Again, not a bad place to be. You have a wonderful group of friends that open up to you and share themselves with you (the good and the bad) so that makes you what??? Well-liked, friendly, nice to be around - so where are you at? How did you get there? I don't mean to make light of the things you are dealing with, but that's life and we all, at different times go through difficult times. But in reading your entries (still have not read all of the back entries) it seems pretty clear to me that you have what some people will never have. You know you could be uncaring, unsympathetic, grouchy and cynical - that would be a much worse place to be at. I do hope things will improve soon and that you'll be feeling better about things, but take a good look around. If I lived near you and was lucky enough to know you I'd be honored to count you as a friend. Ok, so that's my little soap box speech, hope I didn't offend you.
take care